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NFC card by d.id

"Token2049 Singapore 2023: Leveraging NFC Cards for Immersive Event Experiences"

In the fast-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Token2049 Singapore 2023 emerged as a pivotal gathering for industry experts, enthusiasts, and innovators. Amid the buzz of this monumental event, one company seized the opportunity to showcase its unique product and elevate the attendee experience. This case study explores how d.id specialising in NFC (Near Field Communication) cards with custom designs capitalised on a side event at Token2049 Singapore to create memorable moments for attendees and promote their cutting-edge technology.

Client Overview:

d.id, a forward-thinking company specialising in NFC card technology, came to Token2049 Singapore with a vision of demonstrating the potential of their custom-designed NFC cards. These cards, equipped with NFC technology, enable seamless interactions with digital content, NFTs and social profiles, making them an ideal tool for event engagement.

NFC Card Customisation Station:

At Token2049 Singapore, d.id set up an interactive booth where attendees could design their own NFC cards. This customisation station allowed participants to choose from a variety of templates and personalize their cards with their NFTs. The ability to create a one-of-a-kind NFC card was a significant draw for attendees, fostering engagement and a sense of ownership.

Event Highlight Video Production:

To capture the essence of this memorable side event, our team was on hand to film the entire experience. We documented the excitement of attendees designing their cards, networking, and the overall buzz of Token2049 Singapore. Our video production team ensured that every captivating moment was expertly captured.


1. Increased Brand Visibility:

The NFC card customization station became a hub of activity at side event of Token2049 Singapore. Attendees flocked to the booth, generating a significant amount of foot traffic and exposure for our client. As attendees proudly displayed their custom NFC cards throughout the event, they became brand ambassadors, further increasing visibility.

2. Enhanced Attendee Engagement:

The interactive scavenger hunt facilitated by NFC technology created a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Attendees enthusiastically participated, forming connections and building excitement around the event. Many reported that the NFC card scavenger hunt was a highlight of their Token2049 experience.

3. Compelling Event Highlight Video:

Our video production team successfully captured the essence of the NFC card customization station and scavenger hunt, providing our client with valuable promotional material. The event highlight video showcased the energy and enthusiasm of Token2049 Singapore 2023, emphasizing the role of NFC cards in enhancing the event experience.


Token2049 Singapore 2023 offered a unique platform for our client to showcase their NFC card technology in action. Through strategic planning, creative execution, and expert video production, our client leveraged this opportunity to increase brand visibility, engage attendees, and create a compelling event highlight video. This case study demonstrates the power of innovation and interactive experiences in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology events.