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Always Wonder is a full cycle video agency - production house with own creative team in Singapore. We help companies to attract more premium clients in short time using our Offer-Engagement Video Strategy

What we do

001. Pre-Production

Creative Session 
Everything starts with a creative session in which we develop the entire creative concept such as the story, the look & feel and the key message. 

What do you want to communicate to your target audience and what feelings/emotions do you want to trigger? We take the key message and turn it into a gripping story that touches emotionally. 

Look & Feel 
Together with you, we define the key attributes of your company. These include: look & feel, voice, USP, value for target audience, cultural trends and community. 

Shooting Documents 
We summarise all the ideas and information we have developed in clear and easy-to-understand shooting documents. So we all always keep an eye on the vision and the result. 

All organisational work such as crew, cast, location, filming permits, etc. 

102. Production

The creative minds receive the final briefing and the vision for the desired result. 

Shooting Day(s) 
Our production crew produces the raw material for the videos according to the shooting documents from “Phase 1 - Pre-Production”. Story, look & feel and goals are combined here. 

Data Management 
Double backup of the entire raw data. After the post-production there is a final third backup. So we can still make changes to the videos in the future. 

203. Post production

Editing & Finishing
This is where the magic happens. What starts with a raw cut is optimised down to the last detail after the feedback rounds so that the vision can become a reality. This includes editing, individual text animations and audio synchronisation.

Audio Design
We find and license soundtracks that match the mood of the videos and reflect their look and feel. We add sound effects for the most immersive experience for viewer. After editing, we mix the audio track for a flawless auditory experience.

Color Grading
We manipulate the colours so that they match the mood of the video and your brand guidelines and also reflect the style of video.
The finished videos are exported and delivered in the desired formats.

304. Visual effects

You have any unwanted objects in your video that you need to remove? Or green screen video that you want to process?
All of these can be done by our compositing artists to make final video look perfect

2D graphics
You need intro/outro, dynamic text or animated logo?
That’s where 2D motion designers artists will step up.

3D modeling
Some projects require to have objects that’s not possible to film during the production stage. 
There is nothing impossible for our 3D team. Any ‘impossible” idea can be become real using the most advanced technologies available on the market.

We can bring any 2D or 3D object to live. You want to make your 3D character move, or make your spaceship fly through the space? All can be done so realistic, that viewer will not even understand  that it’s a computer graphics.


A high-quality product is made by those who burn, but sometimes can fool around. Who strongly willing to work creatively, generate ideas and change. We are ready to implement even the craziest projects and create truly creative advertising. Therefore, we want to convey: be unique. Stay always wonder.