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No Goats, Just Great Deals:

Pinnacle Automotive's Unconventional Trade-in Tale

In the competitive landscape of Singapore's automotive market, Pinnacle Automotive embarked on an unconventional journey to showcase its commitment to customer satisfaction and the exceptional value of its cars. This case study explores the creation of a unique video where a potential buyer humorously attempts to trade a live goat for a car, highlighting the challenges of blending real and virtual worlds seamlessly, all while echoing Pinnacle Automotive's tagline: "No Goats, Just Great Deals."

Project Overview

The primary goal was to create an engaging and entertaining video that would showcase Pinnacle Automotive's commitment to customer service, while also emphasising the distinctiveness of its car offerings.

Content Creation:

  • Humorous Concept: The video's central concept involved a potential buyer attempting to trade a live goat for a car, emphasizing the absurdity of the offer and creating a memorable and humorous narrative.
  • International Collaboration: Due to regulatory constraints in Singapore, the decision was made to film the live goat in Ukraine, utilizing green screen technology. The footage from Singapore and Ukraine was then merged seamlessly during the postproduction stage.
  • Realism in Execution: The team focused on ensuring that the visual integration of the goat into the Singapore footage looked natural, despite the geographic separation during filming.

Video Production:

  • Cinematic Quality: Both the Singapore and Ukraine footage were shot with cinematic quality to maintain a high standard for the final video.
  • Attention to Detail: During the postproduction stage, meticulous attention was paid to lighting, shadows, and perspective to create a convincing visual blend between the real and virtual elements.
Commercial was filmed in 2 different locations

Commercial was filmed in 2 different locations

Distribution Strategy:

  • Social Media Platforms: The video was strategically released on Pinnacle Automotive's social media channels, leveraging its shareability and engaging content to reach a wider audience.
  • Interactive Engagement: The video encouraged viewer interaction by prompting them to share their thoughts on quirky trade proposals, sparking conversations and increasing viewer engagement.

Outcomes and Impact:

  • Increased Brand Visibility: The video garnered significant attention on social media, increasing Pinnacle Automotive's brand visibility and sparking curiosity about its unique approach to customer interactions.
  • Memorable Brand Image: The humorous and distinctive concept helped create a memorable brand image, positioning Pinnacle Automotive as a company that embraces creativity and customer engagement.
  • Viral Potential: The video's unique concept and execution increased its potential for virality, with viewers sharing the content due to its entertaining nature and the unexpected trade proposal.

Challenges and Lessons Learned:

  • Regulatory Constraints: Adhering to local regulations in Singapore required creative solutions, leading to the decision to film the live goat in Ukraine and integrate it seamlessly into the footage shot in Singapore.
  • Visual Integration:
  • Global Collaboration: The project demonstrated the feasibility and benefits of global collaboration in the digital age, showcasing how footage from different locations could be seamlessly merged to create compelling content.


"No Goats, Just Great Deals" of Pinnacle Automotive successfully achieved its goal of standing out in the competitive automotive market by blending humor with the distinctiveness of the brand. The unconventional approach not only showcased Pinnacle Automotive's commitment to customer engagement but also highlighted its willingness to push creative boundaries. This case study exemplifies the power of innovative storytelling and cross-border collaboration in creating memorable and shareable content for automotive brands in diverse markets.