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New Balance & Dynamo Kyiv

Dynamo Kyiv Unveiled:

A Winning Collaboration with New Balance

In the dynamic world of football, the partnership between New Balance and Dynamo Kyiv stands as a testament to excellence. This case study delves into the creation of a promotional video by New Balance, showcasing the iconic Dynamo Kyiv football team donning the latest New Balance football kit. The video seamlessly blends the contemporary prowess of the team with the rich history encapsulated in carefully curated archive shots, aiming to elevate both the brand and the team's legacy.

Project Overview

The primary goal was to promote New Balance's football kit through a compelling video that not only featured the Dynamo Kyiv players in action but also celebrated the storied history and greatness of the team.

Content Creation:

  • Player Showcasing: The video prominently featured the Dynamo Kyiv football team players wearing New Balance's football kit in various training and match settings, highlighting the kit's performance and style.
  • Historical Montage: Archive shots capturing iconic moments from Dynamo Kyiv's history were carefully selected and edited together with contemporary footage, creating a narrative that honors the team's legacy.
  • Brand Integration: The New Balance logo and distinctive features of the football kit were seamlessly integrated into the video, ensuring a strong brand presence without overshadowing the essence of Dynamo Kyiv.

Video Production:

  • High-Quality Cinematography: The video was shot with a focus on high-quality visuals, capturing the intensity and passion of Dynamo Kyiv players on the field.
  • Editing Expertise: The editing process involved skillful juxtaposition of archive shots with modern footage, creating a seamless transition between the historical and current eras of Dynamo Kyiv.

Distribution Strategy:

  • Social Media Platforms: The video was strategically released on New Balance's and Dynamo Kyiv's social media platforms to maximize visibility and engagement among football enthusiasts.
  • Collaborative Marketing: New Balance leveraged the collaboration with Dynamo Kyiv to cross-promote the video through both brands' marketing channels, extending its reach to a wider audience.

Outcomes and Impact:

  • Increased Kit Sales: The video contributed to a notable increase in sales of the New Balance football kit, as fans were eager to emulate their favourite players and be part of the Dynamo Kyiv legacy.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: The collaboration bolstered New Balance's image as a brand deeply ingrained in the world of football, resonating with fans who value both performance and tradition.
  • Engagement and Buzz: The video generated significant social media buzz, with fans sharing and discussing the content, amplifying the reach and impact of the promotional campaign.
  • Tribute to Dynamo Kyiv: The historical montage not only served as a promotional tool but also as a heartfelt tribute to Dynamo Kyiv, fostering a sense of pride and connection among fans.

Challenges and Lessons Learned:

  • Balancing History and Promotion: Striking the right balance between showcasing the historical significance of Dynamo Kyiv and promoting the New Balance kit required careful consideration to avoid overshadowing either element.
  • Collaborative Coordination: Collaborating with a football team involves coordination with multiple stakeholders, emphasizing the need for clear communication and a shared vision.
  • Continued Engagement: Post-release engagement was crucial, requiring ongoing efforts to sustain the momentum generated by the video through follow-up content and interactions.


The collaborative video between New Balance and Dynamo Kyiv successfully achieved its dual purpose—promoting the football kit and paying homage to the team's illustrious history. By seamlessly blending past and present, New Balance not only showcased the superior quality of their product but also became an integral part of the narrative of Dynamo Kyiv. This case study exemplifies the power of strategic collaborations and thoughtful storytelling in creating impactful promotional content for sports brands.